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Classic Mini, Very Early Mk1 Mini saloons-1959-1962 (Austin Mini-Se7en and Morris Mini-Minor!)





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During our research into the various trim options on the early Minis, we have come across all sorts of variations in trim colours and designs. Bearing this in mind, we have decided that we shall not offer complete seat and trim panel kits for this period, but ask you to tell us what you require to restore your car to original condition. As we have come across so many variations in the designs of both sear covers and panels, we usually ask customers to send some of their original items so that we make sure we are making the correct item. If this is not possible please send us photos of your original items so that we can identify them.   


1959 FRAME 1

1959 STRAP


       1959 FRAME 2


The structure of the very early front seat frames was different to the frames brought in the early 1960's. We are not exactly sure when the design change took place, but from the above photos you will be able to determine the style of frame you have. The picture of the seat straps are the original design-it may be that over the years these have been changed on your seat-but if you are wanting to have the original design this kit is available.  

                         1962 LATE FRAME                     1961 SEAT & FOAMS    

The seat pictured here is the later style. The frame has a round shaped tube that sits on the floor whereas the early seat as can be seen has vertical posts that sit on the floor. The seat diapragms shown here were different and were  used in production until 1967.         

The main trim design concept of these early cars is the Grey Fleck material which is exclusive to Newton Commercial, as well as the other colours of Spanish Blue and Spanish Red. From our research there are two main seat cover designs, a “stitched” type with narrow flutes and secondly a “Welded” design which is created using the High Frequency welding operation. The seat frames themselves can vary too, particularly on very early cars. We are only selling the front seat covers as a car set to make sure of you having matching colours.
The trim panels also vary considerably, in that, some door and rear quarter panels are in Grey Fleck and some in plain Dove Grey. The dash area can also have different textured speedo panels and tray liners, some we have seen in Fleck, other in Grey headlining material. We believe that most early cars had Light Grey headlinings, whereas later cars could have had the Cream Crackle type
Please check very carefully the colours of all panels before ordering. We would suggest that you contact us initially before ordering, just to make sure that we understand your requirements. We can send you a specification chart for you to fill in.
As a matter of interest, the earliest set of trim panels we have seen were actually covered in Fleck material made from paper and glued onto each panel. We are keeping these for their historical importance.

We have had a lot of help over the years from the "www.1959miniregister.com" who have supplied us with some very rare original pieces. They have well over 120 members who are most helpful, so if you need information in general about these early cars, we would recommend them highly.                                                   


PLEASE CONTACT TREVOR RIPLEY  AT  www.1959miniregister.com to show your interest.


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