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Early Minis went through several different seat designs during the first few years of production. Please note that there are two different types of stitched seat cover. Some cars had vertical flute lines running along the whole face of the squab and base cover, whereas others had a plain panel across the front of the seat base cover. Please check with the diagrams on our seat chart. The rear seat cover is, however the same for both the above styles.
A third option was a new process in the 1960’s of having simulated stitch lines heated into the seat faces . This method of production is achieved by using a special tool on a High Frequency welding machine, which in effect heats and presses a pattern off the tool into the vinyl material.

Front seat covers can be purchased separately, but the rear seat covers come only as a set. All the items needed to help you rebuild your seats to as new condition are available. Please study the pictures to see what you require to rebuild your seats.
The trim panels did not change at all during this period of production. The only difference in the various models was the dash layout. Standard cars had just a single speedometer in a round console, whereas “Deluxe” cars had an oval console with a speedometer, oil gauge and temperature gauge. All our trim panels are Die cut on our 60 Ton beam press for accuracy.

Our brand new moulded carpet sets for Mk.I models will revolutionize the interior of your Mini. The front carpet is moulded with sound deadening material included. The rear mat also has sound deadening included as have the front wheel arch pieces and under dash bulkhead. Sill carpets and a vinyl hand brake gaiter complete the kit. A set of carpet clips and floor studs together with fitting instructions are also included. Up to 1966 the rear floor area was covered with a 3 pieces of carpet, whereas later cars had a one piece set as shown in the chart. The fourth price shown in our diagram is for the back of the rear seat.

The headlining kit is made from the original Cream Crackle material as are the matching sunvisors. There were three different styles of sun visor design used during this period. The early cars had a style with a central fitting with a rather fancy chrome bracket, cars made during 1964/5 had a visor with a chromed swivel bracket at one end with a plastic peg at the other end. Later models used a similar pad which was attached to the body at either end with chrome brackets. Please see chart for details of each type.


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