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Classic Mini, Mk1 Mini Cooper 1962-1967





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MK1 MINI COOPER 1962-1967

The Mk.I Coopers were not only mechanically different to the standard Minis, but also had different style interiors. Although the seat frames are the same as standard cars, the designs of the seat covers was totally different. The seat covers were made up of two different colours of vinyl material which created a unique effect. There were four base colours used, Tartan Red, Powder Blue, Cumulus Grey and Dark Grey. The seat centres had either Gold Brocade, Silver Brocade (exclusive to Newton Commercial) or Dove Grey depending on the Body colour. The chart below will give you the exact colour options that were available.The BMC factory introduced a special high backed reclining seat around 1964, which was derived from the BMC Rally programme. We can offer a complete recovering kit for this seat, which includes all the necessary seat foams which are built into the covers.





Tartan Red or Old English White

Tartan Red and Gold Brocade

Gold Brocade


Smoke Grey or Tweed Grey

Dove Grey and Dark Grey

Dove Grey


Almond Green

Porcelain Green and Dove Grey

Dove Grey


Surf Blue or Fiesta Yellow

Powder Blue and Gold Brocade

Gold Brocade

Powder Blue

Surf Blue or Fiesta Yellow

Powder Blue and Silver Brocade

Silver Brocade

Powder Blue

Island Blue

Cumulus Grey and Gold Brocade

Gold Brocade


                               We have developed our own “Replica “ reclining seat which looks and performs as the original Factory seat. We have completely retooled this seat frame so it looks and performs as the original. We have had to have had made a brand new reclining mechanism which is located in exactly the same position as the original style. We have also had the chromed reclining handle remade! These seats are really very comfortable.

The trim panel design was the same as used on standard cars, but with Brocade instead of plain colours. Our trim panel kits come complete ready to fit together with enough loose black material to cover the dash rails & “A” posts.

Our brand new moulded carpet set for these models will revolutionize the interior of your Mini Cooper. The front carpet is moulded with sound deadening material included. The rear mat is also moulded abnd has sound deadening included as have the front wheel arch pieces and under dash bulkhead. Sill carpets and a vinyl handbrake gaiter complete the kit. A set of carpet clips and floor studs together with fitting instructions are also included. All Coopers had a carpeted boot boards fitted. There are two types available, single petrol tank and twin tank applications.

The headlining kit is made from the original Cream Crackle material as are the matching sunvisors. There were three different styles of sunvisor design used during this period. The early cars had a style with a central fitting with a rather fancy chrome bracket, cars made during 1964/5 had a visor with a chromed swivel bracket at one end with a plastic peg at the other end. Later models used a similar pad which was attached to the body at either end with chrome brackets. Please see chart for details of each type.

We all know that about 5.4 million Minis were built-but did you know that about 14000 Cooper S models were built between 1962 to 1967. This number excludes the stand Mini Cooper 998cc models.


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