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Classic Mini, Mk3 Mini saloons 1969-1976 Mini 850, Mini 1000 & Mk3 Mini Cooper 'S'





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MK3 MINI SALOONS 1969-1976 MINI 850, MINI 1000 & MK3 MINI COOPER 'S'

The new Mk3 Minis for the 1970s had a seriously updated body shell to keep the design competitive. In an astute sales-led move, Leyland incorporated new doors with winding windows, and made many other small chnages to increase the car's suitability for more profitable volume production. First seen in 1969, the Mk3 modifications must have been considered worthwhile as the continued investment was soon seen to pay off. Incredibly for a design that dated from the tail end of the 1950s, 120,000 examples of the car were sold, worldwide, in it's biggest production year of 1971.


Relevant to interior detailing and trim, at this time the range of body and interior colours was altered to come into line with other British Leyland colours, a sensible rationalisation that also saw an incredible variety of colours offered throughout this period. The more old fashioned, coarsely grained leathercloth and PVC previously used on the seats and trim, was replaced by smoother and much glossier '1290 grain' expanded vinyl.

The design of the vinyl seat covers was retained from the Mk2 cars, which by 1975 was quite dated. These models didn’t have a high back/rally style factory reclining seat as an optional extra, but we have offered a Mk3 styled adaptation of our Mk2 replica reclining seat to fit this model as well. There was a tilting backed seat, which looked like the standard fixed item and which was required by Law in several European countries; it was therefore an optional extra on UK Coopers, if not standard saloons. This seat can be recognised by having a lever on the outside of the base frame.

We offer our deluxe moulded carpet sets for these models, which will revolutionize the interior of your Mini. The Cooper models had carpeted boot boards as standard, which as you will see we can either supply complete replacements for, or simply a re-covering carpet kit. A new headlining suspended from 6 roof hoops was introduced to the saloon Minis with the Mk3, effectively an updated version of that used in the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet previously, but now in a very plain PVC type grey headlining that was also rolled out across most of the BL range.


The Mk3 1275cc Cooper "S" models were not as distinctive as the Mk.I & II models in that they usually had the standard Mini 1000 front grille, a Leyland badge on the bonnet but a MINI COOPER S badge on the boot lid. There were 19,511Cooper "S" models built during this two and half year period before production was discontinued.


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