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Morris Minor, Minor 1964-71





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MINOR 1964-71

                                            Minor 66-71

For the last model range of the Minors, the design of the interior was changed considerably in that the seat covers and door panels were manufactured differently to all previous models. A technique known as "High Frequency welding" was used on the faces of these items to create the design pattern. Basically a brass ruled tool is created to the design required. The various materials are laid on the tool and inserted in the machine. A very high electric current is passed through the material and tool which activates the molecular structure of the material. Pressure is then applied and the power turned off. These moleclues when charged, chase around within the material and when the power is turned off, they stop. By applying pressure during this period, the molecules are pressed to the shape of the tool.
Initially, three colours were offered namely Cherokee Red, Blue Grey and Porcelain Green. Late in production Black, Navy, Autumn Leaf were gradually introduced. These later colours were also used on many other BMC cars. Lime Flower was another colour that was introduced very late on, was not very popular. We cannot offer this colour at all, as the last piece we ever had was back in 1984!
The carpet sets we are offering for this range match the original colours within 5-10%-we have also upgraded our sets so that the front and rear tunnel sections are moulded for a much better fit. Please look at our photos carefully and you will see how nicely they do fit. All other original interior parts are available from us as well as complete interior trim kits which have proved very popular over the years.
If your are interested in changing the standard vinyl welded style seat covers and would like leather faced covers for this model, may we suggest that you consider the design of the 1960-62 range of seat covers. We say this as it is not possible to successfully sew the original 1964-71 welded design in leather. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

We can also offer optional colours to the original ones we have listed. Over the years we have supplied complete interiors or parts in Biscuit and Cream. If you are choosing one of these colours we can offer contrasting pipings as well to special order. Please contact us if you want something different to the standard colours. Please refer to these colours in our Swatch Library in the photo Gallery.


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