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Vans and Pickups were obviously the workhorses of the Minor range and in their day were used not only by the Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker but also by Farmers and huge organisations like the Post Office and the Armed Forces.  Consequently the interior trim was functional and fairly basic and usually only came in two colours namely black and brown.  We can only offer trim for these cars in black, as the demand for the brown is too low for us to warrant the expenditure on having new material manufactured.  There were various seat designs over the years, but the most popular today is the later style that has two simulated weld designs on the seat cover faces as illustrated.  It is usual to find that the passenger seat is of the folding type but it is possible to have two fixed seats so please check the seats carefully before ordering.  The door panels are as original being painted black hardboard and come with necessary fitting clips.  One interesting feature on these models is that the very early style glove boxes introduced in 1953 was retained right up to the end of production.  These boxes had a scallop cut out of the outer side which originally was to allow for the wiper motor which very early on was situated on the outside of the inner dash area.  It is unlikely that any of the original rubber floor mats are still available so we have designed a carpet set based on our very popular saloon sets which in conjunction with our other new items finishes off the interior beautifully.


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