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Newton Commercial Green Policy

Newton Commercial’s Environmental Policy 2013


Newton Commercial is the leading manufacturer & supplier of classic car hand crafted, original specification interior trim. Newton Commercial has been supplying quality classic British car interior trim for over 34 years. We supply the finest classic car interior trim to customers all over the world who come back time and time again for our quality workmanship.


We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and our products through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance. We aim to review this policy on an annual basis.


Electricity and Gas

Newton Commercial will continually monitor and manage its consumption and use of electricity and gas on site. We aim to continue to turn off all electrical appliances where applicable, such as lights, fans and working machines when not at our workstations or desks over a prolonged period of time.


Renewable Energy

We have installed 59kW of Solar PV across our two sites which will considerably reduce our electricity consumption on site.

  Factory Waste

Newton Commercial will work to reduce the volume of waste within its buildings and estate wherever possible: Recycle all cardboard into a 20ft container that MW White recycle pick up every 3 months; Recycle carpet offcuts; biodegradable waste from our canteen and sites will go in our compost bin; on average 250kg of leather off-cuts are also bagged quarterly and sent to a recycling company in Southampton called GLG Export. In the summer months recycle bins are in the canteen for clothes, shoes, mobile phones and books.


Office Recycling

We always look to recycle paper on internal reports and shred all paper waste for the factory and stores to use in packaging. We also donate our empty ink and toner cartridges to a charity based company for recycling.



We will work to reduce the consumption of water within our buildings and reduce discharges.


Factory Tools and Equipment

Maintain and repair all existing tools and equipment enabling the factory to be more productive. Where applicable, replace machinery with more efficient models.



Newton Commercial will use local suppliers where appropriate and will encourage its suppliers to commit to improving environmental performance. Sustainable procurement is managed through our supplier Key Performance Indicators.


Chemicals and Solvents

Newton Commercial aims to reduce the consumption of solvents and of lead based paints.



Local Communities and Biodiversity

All staff aim to respect the general environment and wildlife habitats in and around our sites.



New Ideas

We actively encourage our staff to look at any ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. We have a notice board for staff to post any concerns or suggestions.


Achievements to Date


In 2009/10 we set ourselves a target to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% by 2012/13. Since 2009 we have achieved a 14% reduction in our carbon emissions associated with gas, electricity and water consumption. We achieved this by implementing energy awareness campaigns, replacing lighting, reviewing energy consumption and installing Solar PV.


Realistic 3 year target 2013-2016


We are proud of our reduction to date and aim to reduce our carbon emissions by a further 5% over the next 3 years by carrying out the following actions:


  • Monitor and review energy consumption on site
  • Effective use of our Solar PV installation
  • Buy 95% British raw materials
  • Reduce waste to landfill by recycling hardboard, fibreboard, leather, vinyl, carpet, plastic, paper and food waste wherever possible
  • Replace factory lighting when due with energy light bulbs and use lights only when necessary
  • Review energy consumption associated with heating sites
  • Increase staff awareness and behaviour towards reducing energy consumption
  • Report and review with senior management through monthly meetings



Our Senior Management Team will ensure that our commitments within this policy are implemented through regular reviews of our associated Energy Action Plan in our monthly meetings and through relevant responsibilities of managers within the organisation.




Name: Jonny Newton, Director


Date: 26/5/13


Date next review due: 26/5/13


This policy relates to our Energy Action Plan and Procurement KPIs


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