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Triumph World visit Newtons


Written by: Jonny Newton

Published: 10 November 2015

Simon Goldsworthy from Triumph world visits Newton Commercial for "How to" seat refurbishment.

Hi Jonny Newton here, this is my blog. I run Newton Commercial and make sure we keep supplying fab interior trim to you guys!

OK great day today, we had Simon Goldsworthy visit out factories in sunny Leiston. He is editor for Triumph World and contributes to various classic car titles in the Kelsey publishing house. He came to the factory to do ‘How to’ feature on seat fitting. He has a Triumph Standard and we refurbished his front seats in house in original maroon vinyl. Our experienced expert seat fitter Tom Balls, no slouch to fitting seats in record time, was on duty to show Simon how it’s done. Tom had prepped one seat so he could go through the rebuild, shot blasting, painting and rebuilding the foams, diaphragms and fittings the seat covers. The other seat was complete so they could refer to it in the build! In our stable, these are standard Morris Minor seat covers for the Series 2, but they also fit the Standard. Excellent job by TB saw Simon go away a happy chap with a pair of new seats to show off! Simon had time to visit all 3 factories and took in all the history and listened to how Newton Commercial has become on the biggest and in our eyes best British trimmer for classic cars. Lots of pics of our staff in action, so looking forward to seeing the articles come out in the new year.

What I enjoyed the most was chatting over a sandwich in my office about the future of the classic car scene. Our family business has been going for nearly 40 years and the classic car market does not seem to be slowing down! The question is how long will it go for and what are the new modern classics! Simon reckons the MGF is an unsung hero and the cars are as cheap as they have ever been for enthusiast to pick up a bargain. The MG badge is iconic and it’s a great drive! He thinks this is the one car that will pick up a cult following in a few years and we will be kicking ourselves on how we all missed out on buying a few! Good news is that with companies like ours who are still manufacturing trim and the brilliant Rimmer’s who launching a new full catalogue next year, will be here to help!

We talked about out new ventures in Ford Escort carpets and Peugeot 205 next year and he reckons we are on to a winner! Nice chap Simon, seemed genuinely interested in what we do and had a calm and knowledgeable manner!


Off to the NEC on Friday with Shaun Hendersen, to visit the Classic Car Show! Heading up Thursday to see some customers and a night in Birmingham is the tradition. Quite simply the best selection of curry houses in the UK! Will keep you posted!

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